Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Things 2 and 3

So, Thing 2 is to look at other people's blogs and see what they are up to. That seems easy. I have discovered that some people have a lot to say, while others (like myself so far) have less to say or at least have not yet got around to saying whatever it is that's on their minds.

As for Thing 3 - personal branding - I must admit to some scepticism over this, although I can see the value in a conistency of approach and a visual identity. Surely a brand is better suited to an organisation or entity rather than an individual - or am I just being old-fashioned here? I'm reminded of the debate about the role and purpose of universities - the increasing demand for a commercial approach, return on investment, profit-making - and branding - at the expense of the more traditional purpose as a centre of learning and excellence (has anyone read "What Are Universities For?" by Stefan Collini?)

Some of you guys seem to have got the hang of this pretty quickly and have put together some very attractive and impressive blogs. I don't think I've been too adventurous in my choice of design and layout. What does this "brand" say about me? I'll leave that up to others to decide. Feel free to have your say...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Just created this blog as part of the cpd23 course - 23 Things for Professional Development. I work in a library but am not a librarian. I have never blogged before so am looking forward to learning new things, and wondering what lies ahead...